Some Typical Examples Of G Forces

In order to understand G forces better, it is a good idea to see them manifesting in practical life situations as G Forces examples. Given below are some typical examples of G Force:

• Standing on the Earth at sea level, where g force = 1 g

• A ride in the Vomit Comet , with g force = 0 g

• Standing at its equator on the Moon, with g force = 0.1654 g

• The gyro rotors in Gravity Probe B and the free-floating proof masses in the TRIAD I navigation satellite, with g force equal to 0 g

• Saturn V moon rocket just after launch , g force = 1.14 g

• Bugatti Veyron from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 s, has g force = 1.18 g

• High-g roller coasters have g forces ranging from 3.5–6.3 g

• Top Fuel drag racing world record of 4.4 s over 1/4 mile, g force = 4.2 g

• Space Shuttle, maximum during launch and reentry, g force =3 g

• Luge, maximum expected at the Whistler Sliding Center, g force equal to 5.2 g

• Formula One car, maximum under heavy braking, g forces = 5 g

• Apollo 16 on reentry, g forces = 7.19 g

• Standard, full aerobatics certified glider , g forces = +7/-5 g

• Death or serious injury likely, g force can be greater than 50 g

• Max. turn in an aerobatic plane or fighter jet, g forces ranging from 9–12 g

• Maximum g force for human on a rocket sled = 46.2 g

• Sprint missile, g forces = 100 g

• Brief human exposure survived in crash has g forces > 100 g

• Shock capability of mechanical wrist watches g forces > 5,000 g

• Rating of electronics built into military artillery shells, g forces equal to15,500 g

We hope the above article giving various examples of G Forces is informational.